Safe Exchange Center

Connections Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Center is funded by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Office of Justice Program as part of a Crime Victim Service grant award. Connections initially was a grant recipient of the Office of Violence Against Women, United States Department of Justice under the Safe Havens: Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Grant Program from 2012-2016. In 2017 Connections Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Center received funding through the Office of Justice Program. The main purpose of Connections Supervised Visitation Center is to enhance safety for children and adult victims by increasing opportunities for supervised visitation and safe exchange, by and between custodial and non-custodial parents in case involving domestic violence, dating violence, child abuse, sexual assault or stalking. Our staff will promote a safe and respectful environment so that non-custodial parents, guests, and children can interact with one another. Connections offers a private and confidential setting while supervising only one family at a time. The safety of anyone who enters our doors will always be the top priority. If you feel you are in need of our services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Connections Visitation and Safe Exchange Center is located in the Public Safety Building, 303 South State Street, Waseca. Connections phone number is (507) 835-9759, or to email Connections click here.