Comprehensive Plan

In 2013, the Waseca City Council adopted a new Comprehensive Plan. A Comprehensive Plan is a community's guide for how growth and development will occur in the future. Comprised of goals, objectives, background information, and maps, the Comprehensive Plan guides the physical, social, and economic development of the municipality. The plan extends beyond the current corporate boundaries so when annexation is considered, there is a plan for how the land will be developed. The Official Zoning Map, Zoning and Subdivision Regulations, and decisions related to specific zoning and planning applications are all expected to be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. Intended as a guide, it is a fluid document that is reviewed and updated from time to time as trends and markets change.

The City of Waseca Comprehensive Plan can be viewed by clicking the following link: 2013 City of Waseca Comprehensive Plan. A paper copy is available at City Hall and the Waseca Public Library. For additional information, please contact the City Manager at (507) 835-9700.