Adopt A Park

What Is Adopt A Park:

AAP is public service program for volunteers to assist their community to beautify, clean, and communicate park issues associated with a particular park, trail, or open space area.

Who Can Participate:

The program is available to community groups, organizations, church groups, schools, families, and individuals.

What Is Adopt a Park Program About:

  1. Program provides volunteers an opportunity to assist the City Park Department in keeping our parks clean, safe, and aesthetically clean.
  2. AAP participants are responsible for cleaning their site of trash, debris, and downed tree limbs.
  3. Cleanup commitment of designated park, trails, open spaces is a minimum of once per month from April- October.
  4. AAP participants can also undertake other beautification efforts in their adopted areas upon approval by the Park Director.
  5. Park, trail, open space sites are chosen on a first come, first serve basis.

What the City Provides:

  1. Trash bags for cleanup
  2. Coordinate pickup for trash, debris, limbs
  3. Materials required for approved improvements

Why Be Involved:

Litter is unsightly and very expensive to remove. It destroys the natural aesthetics of our parks, trails, lakes, and open space areas. A litter free community is aesthetically pleasing to visitors and prospective new citizens and businesses, portraying an image of a concerned, caring community. Adopting a park, trail, or open space area provides volunteers ownership and a sense of  community pride.

How Do We Get Involved:

Please contact the City of Waseca Parks Director, (507) 835-9727 to discuss your interest in Adopt A Park or obtain the AAP agreement form at City Hall, 508 South Street.