Fun Facts About the Waterpark

3.6 acres are enclosed within the Waterpark. The permiter of the pool is 569 feet, with a water surface area of 9,561 square feet. The pool contains 240,331 gallons of water when full and requires 24 hours to fill. Bather capacity is 581 people. Water temperature will be maintained between 80 and 84 degrees. Water depth ranges from 0 to 12 feet with a one-meter diving board at the deep end. Lap lanes are laid out in two directions - 25 yards one way and 25 meters the other way.

Pool concrete is 21″ thick and contains 80 tons of rebar for reinforcement. 1,525 cubic yards of concrete were required for the Waterpark. About 45% of that amount was for the pool itself.

The system has four water filters with a total of 130 square feet of filtration surface. Water is continuously pumped with a 40 horsepower circulation pump at a rate of 1,645 gallons per minute. Complete water turnover is achieved in three hours. The pool water will be drained over the winter.

The pool is heated to a temperature of a comfortable 81 degrees!